Steven Universe Premieres a New Opening Sequence, and A Shiny New Title!

The Steven Universe panel at New York Comic-Con was, as is right and proper, a concert first! But then creator Rebecca Sugar dropped some news: the cast is following up their (incredible) Steven Universe: The Movie with a limited run epilogue titled Steven Universe: Future! And this epilogue comes with a brand-new opening sequence, which you can see below!

Check out the melodic new opening sequence!


It’s fantastic to see Bismuth, Peridot, and some of the other newer fam joining in on the opening! Also, um…




In addition to debuting the new clip, Sugar and the cast answered some extremely emotional fan Q&A after that., and shared some other news! The picture book adaptation of the Steven Universe movie, The Tale of Steven will release this very Tuesday, on October 9th. Plus, you’ll be able to own your very own vinyl (!!!) copy of the Steven Universe: The Movie soundtrack on November 15th. The questions ranged from where Steven gets his fashion sense (which is based on his voice, Zach Callison, and his immense jacket collection) to whether Steven could ever hit Broadway in a musical (no word, but the crowd basically exploded) but obviously most of the questions aimed straight for the feels.

Rebecca Sugar went full Velveteen Rabbit for Steven Universe: The Movie:

Answering the inevitable question of how many times Rebecca Sugar’s scripts have made her cry, DeeDee Magno Hall (the voice of Pearl) asked how many episodes there have been, but went on:

While Estelle, who voices Garnet, apparently tries to head Sugar off:

And Sarah Stiles, who voiced the new character Spinel in Steven Universe: The Movie, started crying before she was even cast:

Sugar hasn’t revealed a release date for the epilogue, but we can’t wait to see where Steven Universe: Future takes us!


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