Check Out the First Footage from the Wheel of Time Show’s Table-Read

What a delightful #WoTWednesday surprise! Last month, the cast and crew of Amazon Prime’s Wheel of Time adaptation sat down to read through episode 1, and this week, the show’s official Twitter released footage from the very first table-read.

The clip is stocked with goodies, from the actors playing our Two Rivers gang all hanging out together, to spine-tingling line delivery from Rosamund Pike as Moiraine, to Barney Harris as Mat sending the entire room into a giggle-fit. For the first time, we get to hear what the dialog sounds like, and if you freeze frame through the video, you just might be able to find some Easter eggs. (Is that Marin al’Vere and Daise Congar next to Mat? And Master Luhhan and Tam al’Thor next to them?)

Check it out, and leave your theories in the comments!


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