Star Wars Theme Park Bathroom Would Like to Inform Us That Mara Jade Lives

These Star Wars spoilers are getting out of hand.

In a bathroom stall at a Star Wars-themed amusement park, far, far away (You know, Orlando or Anaheim. Take your pick. It’s apparently in multiple stalls.), confirmation can be found that beloved Star Wars Legends novel-only character Mara Jade lives.

Posted on the Star Wars subreddit on Friday, one user noted that translating the faux-graffiti they saw in a bathroom stall at the Galaxy’s Edge theme park creates the message “Mara Jade Lives.”


So in one of the stalls in a Galaxy Edge this is written and if you use the app, translates too… from r/StarWars

While we are hesitant to take bathroom stall graffiti as canon, lest we begin believing cruft like “Dengar took all the TP #WatchEmpire”, “For a good time call Lobot”, or obvious nonsense like “You see, the prequels are like poetry, so that they rhyme”, this particular graffiti does follow hints that The Mandalorian may be trying to find a way to bring Mara Jade into the the onscreen Star Wars universe.

So, if this time next year we’re all talking about Mara Jade like it’s common knowledge that she’ll be appearing onscreen, remember…it all started in the bathroom.

Everything starts in the bathroom.


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