“Stormlight Archive Characters as Vines” Is All You Really Need to Know About the Series

Brandon Sanderson’s epic Stormlight Archive fantasy series spans three gigantic novels, one novella, and a forthcoming novel; and that series in itself exists with Sanderson’s larger “Cosmere” interconnected universe. So it can be tricky to know where to start or just what the characters and world are like.

Enter, this perfect video collection of vines!

Taking vines (R.I.P.) or tiktoks and overlaying a character’s name in text on a person or thing in the vine is a popular trend in fandom media. And deservedly so, because it’s a great way to get a really funny feel for something without infodumps or spoilers.

(We suppose the video below could be considered spoilery, but you’d really have to know the context of the events to know why they were? Except for the bit about Evi at 5:46.)

(Also there’s more if you click through onto YouTube!)

via [XCatherineReads/Youtube]


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