A Demon App Predicts Your Death in Countdown Trailer

The concept of knowing when or how you might die is an interesting one that people have grappled with for centuries, an existential what-would-you-do thought puzzle of sorts. Most people assume they have years to live. But what if you were to die tomorrow? Wouldn’t you try to cheat death? It’s what made the Final Destination movies so compelling, and that concept has been updated with STX Entertainment’s new movie, Countdown.

Countdown is an app (like everything nowadays) that let’s you know when you’re going to die. Most curious people open Countdown and find out they have years to live. When a nurse (played by You actress Elizabeth Lail) downloads the app and finds out she has less than three days to live, it’s a race against the clock to try and survive. As SyFy Wire points out, the trailer feels a little reminiscent of Drag Me to Hell and Final Destination, as its peppered with various death scenarios and spooky demon appendages grabbing and flinging people about.

Check out the trailer below:

via [STX Entertainment]


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