Sony TV Has Optioned Charlie Jane Anders’ The City in the Middle of the Night

Charlie Jane Anders’ novel The City in the Middle of the Night might soon come to a television (or other screen) near you: Deadline is reporting that Sony Pictures Television has optioned the novel to develop it into a TV series.

Anders’s book published earlier this year with Tor Books. It’s set on a distant, tidally-locked world called January, with two cities on either side: the freewheeling Argelo, and Xiosphant, which is strictly regimented. A student named Sophie is exiled by Xiosphant’s oppressive government, and is rescued by the planet’s native inhabitants, the Gelet. They want to try and connect with humanity, and she might be the perfect person to help them bridge the gap between civilizations.

Sony will produce the show along with Mom de Guerre Productions and Sharon Hall, an executive producer for another notable science fiction series, The Expanse. An option on the series doesn’t automatically mean that it’ll make its way all the way through development to become a series; NBC optioned Anders’ story “Six Months, Three Days” back in 2013, but there has been no update since. Keep track of this and other story-to-screen SFF adaptation projects in the works in our massive list.


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