Revealing Hearts of Oak, a Sci-Fi Adventure from Eddie Robson

Odd is the new ordinary in Hearts of Oak, a delightful science fiction adventure from Eddie Robson, the creator of the acclaimed radio program Welcome to Our Village, Please Invade Carefully. Check out the full cover below, with art by Armando Veve.

Look for Hearts of Oak March 17, 2020 from Publishing.

The buildings grow.

And the city expands.

And the people of the land are starting to behave abnormally.

Or perhaps they’ve always behaved that way, and it’s normality that’s at fault.

And the king of the land confers with his best friend, who happens to be his closest advisor, who also happens to be a talking cat. But that’s all perfectly natural and not at all weird.

And when chief architect Iona wakes from a long period of blindly accepting the status quo, she realizes there’s a mystery to be solved. A strange, somewhat bizarre mystery, to be sure, but no less dangerous for its improbability.

And the cat is almost certainly involved!

Cover art by Armando Veve


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