Carnival Row’s Full Trailer Gives a First Look at Its Supernatural Serial Killer

The full trailer for Carnival Row is here, and for the first time, we’re getting a closer look at the supernatural Jack the Ripper who’s stalking the characters.

Previously, the trailers for Carnival Row have mostly served as a prologue for Amazon’s upcoming series, giving us a primer on the forbidden romance between a fairy named Vignette Stonemoss (Cara Delevigne) and a human named Philo (Orlando Bloom), and the events that led to their separation after humans invaded the Fae homelands. In the first official trailer, we learn a little more about their relationship: Vignette arrives in The Burg (a fantasy version of Victorian-era London) thinking Philo is dead, and it’s a complete shock to her when another fairy tells her he’s very much alive and living in the same city.

Meanwhile, Philo is trying to solve a string of murders committed by a mysterious serial killer. This trailer reveals that the killer is “neither human nor fae,” but something “unnatural,” and a new clip shows a spooky, White Walker-eyed woman whispering to…something with tentacles and possibly letting it stab her in ecstasy.

Could this be the murderer Philo’s looking for? Or is it a red herring to throw us off?

Carnival Row arrives on Prime August 30. Check out the full trailer below.




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