Event Horizon TV Series Currently in Development

Sure, where we’re going, we won’t need eyes to see, but you should probably hang on to yours anyway, because guess what: Event Horizon just might be coming to TV!

Variety has reported that Amazon and Paramount Television are currently developing an adaptation of Paul W.S. Anderson’s 1997 gory horror classic. (If you haven’t seen it, just imagine Hellraiser meets Alien meets…uh…Hausu.)

According to Variety, Adam Wingard (who’s behind the smart, subversive slasher You’re Next, the smart, subversive thriller The Guest, and the less-smart, less-subversive live-action Death Note adaptation) would direct and executive produce. Additional executive producers for the potential series include Larry Gordon and Lloyd Levin, who both produced the original Event Horizon, and Jeremy Platt.

Here’s the movie’s TV Tropes synopsis, for the uninitiated:

In the year 2047, a signal from the starship Event Horizon is picked up on Earth. The ship had disappeared without a trace beyond Neptune seven years earlier. The ship has reappeared in a decaying orbit around the planet Neptune, and the rescue ship Lewis and Clark is dispatched to investigate. The ship’s crew is commanded by Capt. Miller (Laurence Fishburne) and carries the Event Horizon‘s designer, Dr. William Weir (Sam Neill).

No definitive trace of human life is found; inconclusive sensor readings lead the Lewis and Clark‘s crew to enter the Event Horizon to search for survivors. Things start to go very wrong very quickly, it appears that someone—or something—is toying with them. Strange noises echo throughout the ship, sensors indicate the presence of life forms even though the vessel is clearly deserted, and what few records the Lewis and Clark‘s team recover hint that something went terribly wrong… and that’s just the beginning. Before long, the question is no longer what became of the Event Horizon, but what has the Event Horizon become?


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