We’re Getting a Star Trek VR Experience

If you’ve ever wanted to experience the holodeck IRL, here’s your chance. On Wednesday, Variety reported that Sandbox VR and CBS have teamed up for a free roam VR experience called Star Trek: Discovery Away Mission. 

“We wanted to make a 0.1 version of the holodeck,” Sandbox VR chief product officer Siqui Chen told Variety. 

Once “inside,” players will have around 30 minutes to complete a mission. According to Variety, said mission involves “investigating a distress signal from a lost spaceship,” before locating it somewhere on an ice moon. Players won’t be alone: they’ll be able to gather a crew of up to 6 people, and the USS Discovery’s Sylvia Tilly (Mary Wiseman) will be guiding them the whole time. They’ll also get to use the tricorder and phaser, although Variety reports the game is more about “collective problem solving” than non-stop combat.

Star Trek: Discovery Away Mission will be available to play at Sandbox VR locations in Hong Kong, San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Austin, San Diego, and Chicago. Check out the game’s teaser over at Variety!


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