Invader Zim Returns in New Teaser Trailer

A maniacal green alien and his doofy robot are back in Invader Zim: Enter the Florpus! The Netflix film is slated for release on August 16, and new teaser surfaced just last week…

Zim’s new operative base seems to be a bathroom stall—sorry, the Official Hiding Room—which he occupies with his sidekicks GIR and Minimoose. But what could Zim be laughing about? Has he hatched yet another genius plan to take over Earth and its citizens?

There’s no set timeline for when the film picks up related to the show, but Entertainment Weekly reports that Enter the Florpus! is about what happens when Zim discovers his original mission to Earth was just a joke, an excuse for the Almighty Tallest to finally be rid of Zim and his hare-brained schemes. Zim loses confidence for the first time in his life—which just might give his human nemesis, Dib, the upper hand.

via [IGN]


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