Discovery Channel Sending Authors Myke Cole and Michael Livingston to Analyze Evidence of Alien Contact

It is a question that has plagued humanity since the first science fiction novel was set down on paper: When are we going to send authors Myke Cole and Michael Livingston to find aliens?

Now, the Discovery Channel hopes to find some sort of conclusive answer.

Starting on August 7, Discovery Channel will be airing a new series that looks for evidence of extra-terrestrial contact on Earth, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Simply called Contact, the show will follow a team of six trained investigators–two of which are and Tor Books authors Myke Cole and Dr. Michael Livingston, respectively–as they travel around the world, track down leads on possible extraterrestrial contact, and analyze the evidence utilizing their experience in CIA targeting and conflict analysis. Other team members include journalists and former intel officers with experience in the armed forces/government.

The team takes what Discovery is calling a “radical, new and comprehensive approach by bringing together millions of data points, credible eye-witness accounts and declassified government reports” as investigators, for the first time, begin assembling empirical evidence such as “declassified footage of fast-moving objects, patterns in social media sightings that coincide with seismic activity or eyewitness accounts that connect to evidence from the past.”

Unanswered in these times when Facebook Events are encouraging people to storm Area 51 is whether Discovery has already attempted to send Myke Cole, who just finished his Armored Throne trilogy from Publishing and Michael Livingston, who just finished describing on how insane the final season of Game of Thrones was, to the fabled Area.

We would ask Myke and Michael, but we’re afraid of what the response may be.

And so we wait, and watch, and wonder what other Tor authors can be sent to find aliens….


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