A New Janet! Dogs are Serenaded! Highlights from The Good Place Season 4 Panel at SDCC 2019

The Good Place panel opened with scenes from the upcoming fourth and final (sniff!!!) season, which apparently involved a bay elephant telling the secrets of the universe. With that out of the way, a panel made up of Ted Danson (Michael) Kristen Bell (Eleanor) Manny Jacinto (Jason) William Jackson Harper (CHIDI!!!), Darcy Carden (JANET! JANET!) and Michael Schur (Creator God) shared tales from the set and talked aobut saying goodbye to their characters. We’ve rounded up some highlights below!

Jameela Jamil began on a philosophical note, saying: “It’s so cool to know we’re completing the story as it was supposed to be completed.”

D’Arcy Carden attempted to be cool about The Good Place ending, but admitted: “Its sad as hell. We can say it’s great, but it sucks.” Jamil added: “We hate Mike.”

William Jackson Harper shared his dog, Chico’s theme song, which will be stuck in your head for days:

Schur promised that we would see more of Jason’s 60-person dance crew in the future. And the cast agreed that Manny Jacinto is the one who makes them all break, with one scene making the rest of the cast laugh so hard it put shooting behind a full hour. He had one line in the scene.

Kristen Bell spoke of Schur’s dedication to empowering the poeple around him, with Jamil adding that it made it possible to have a 50/50 split between men/women in writing directing on the show. And then Kristen Bell announced that she directed an episode of the final season.

Schur also spoke for us all when he questioned the Emmys for not nominating D’arcy Carden for her incredible work in “Janet(s)”: “Imagine how crazy a human being you would have to be.” He also hinted that we’ll be meeting a new Janet is coming in Season 4!

When the cast was asked about potential spinoffs, Michael Schur mused on the potential of a “David Lynch-ian” show focusing on Derek, which, don’t mind if I do?

The panel ended with the cast giving a teary Michael Schur a standing ovation, while the audience gave the whole cast a standing ovation! Ovation-ception!

And well, we’re guessing this sums everything up:


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