The Wheel of Time on Amazon: 5 Answers About Rosamund Pike’s Moiraine

Some actors arrive already purely embodying their character, and for the crew of The Wheel of Time TV show, Rosamund Pike was clearly Moiraine Damodred.

The Wheel of Time TV showrunner (that’s still so weird to say!) Rafe Judkins and the writers’ room took fan questions today for those who wanted to know more about Rosamund Pike’s forthcoming depiction of Moiraine. We’ve assembled their 5 answers below!

Question #1: Character Height vs. Actor Height

Judkins went on to add, “To me, it was against the very core of the character that he would be tall. But the truth is, when I saw X-Men — of course Hugh Jackman was Wolverine. It’s so much more important to me to get someone high caliber who embodies the character than a perfect physical match.

Plus there’s a lot we can do with wigs and dye and lighting to still achieve the “iconic looks” of the WoT characters. I think will be happy when they see it ;)


Question #2: How Wide Was the Search for Moiraine?


Question #3: What Accent Will Moiraine and Other Cairhienians Have?

(Note: RP means Received Pronunciation. Essentially the accent you hear on BBC News, perhaps with more of a “posh” edge to it.)

Here’s a great example of the voice Rosamund Pike may bring to the series:


Question #4: What Confirmed Rosamund Pike in Judkins’ Estimation?


Question #5: What Extremes Can We Expect to See From Moiraine?


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