Marvel’s Spider-Man Countdown Reveals a New Spider-Man Comic by J.J. Abrams and His Son

The cat (or…spider?) is finally out of the bag! After teasing fans with a mysterious count-down earlier this week, Marvel has finally revealed what all the hubbub was about. Turns out, it’s not a new Sam Raimi-directed Spider-Man vehicle, nor is it a Spider-Man/Fantastic Four cross-over comic, as some people thought. Instead, we’re getting a new Spider-Man comic, courtesy of J.J. Abrams, his son Henry, and artist Sara Pichelli, who previously illustrated the Miles Morales-starring Ultimate Spider-Man series.

Abrams and his son made the announcement via a fun little video on Twitter, and they also did a short-and-sweet Q&A with the New York Times. 

Of course, this being the keeper of all those turns and twists on Lost (and his spawn), they were pretty secretive about any plot details. They did, however, give fans a look at the cover, and revealed that the new Spider-Man comic (simply entitled Spider-Man) will feature a brand-new villain named Cadaverous.

Cover by Olivier Coipel, courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

Some other pertinent details: The five-part series will be here in September, and it will feature Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson. Abrams also told the Times that “The story shows Peter Parker in a way you haven’t seen him before.” How enigmatic.

Spiderweb photo by Tom Burke (CC BY 2.0)


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