Russian Doll is Getting A Second Season!

If you spent this February stuck in a time loop with Natasha Lyonne, you’ll be excited to hear that Russian Doll has been renewed for a second season on Netflix… but what could that season possibly entail?

Vulture has confirmed the season renewal via Lyonne herself and a Netflix executive at the Recode tech conference. When pressed for details, Lyonne would only say, “Same show, just weirder.”

The Hollywood Reporter already ran an interview with Russian Doll’s co-creators that confirmed that the show was pitched as three seasons to Netflix, and that Lyonne’s character Nadia was meant to be a presence in each of those seasons. Given the plot of season one, what is Nadia’s likely role in the other two plotlines? A time loop guru who helps some more unsuspecting kids break their own cycles? A strange vortex of temporal intent who drags other people into loops with her?

According to Charlie Barnett, who played Nadia’s loop pal Alan, they never truly broke their own loop—just dismantled some personal demons. “They’ve kind of released themselves from their own prison, but they’re still stuck,” he told Vulture. He also insisted that the real loop might be the cycle that is life in New York City.

No matter where the show is headed, getting more of it is an exciting prospect indeed.


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