This Website Compiles Every Single Wall Calendar Dedicated to Tolkien and Lord of the Rings

The old (okay, not that old) adage would seem to be true—you can find anything on the internet. Including a comprehensive guide to nearly every hanging wall calendar ever created to celebrate J.R.R. Tolkien and his Lord of the Rings saga. Well, up to the year 2016, that is. And minus the Peter Jackson film calendars, as there are limits to these things.

Where can you find all of this? We’re glad you asked…

There is an entire website devoted to the history of Tolkien-inspired wall calendars. Here is a little note from the website’s creator on what led to its inception:

After many years of collecting Tolkien calendars, encouragement from several other collectors, and a great deal of help from my son, I created this website. I had the name made up before I ever started typing this text. So it is a bit presumptuous to call it a complete guide. However, I do encourage comments and additions from visitors and other collectors in the hope that it will become so.

You can find the whole catalog on the site, along with notes about each, and answers as to their value, should you happen to have one tucked into your closet or attic. Check it out!


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