The Clarkson Twins Join The Wheel of Time TV Series Writers Room

The writers room for Amazon Studios’ The Wheel of Time TV series is coming together! Showrunner Rafe Judkins has devoted various #WoTWednesdays to introducing different writers as they join the epic fantasy adaptation, and this week he had two introductions to make: twins Michael P. Clarkson and Paul T. Clarkson have joined the staff.

Judkins tweeted this cheeky intro:

Michael, a writer/director, and Paul, a scientist and writer (as described in their Twitter bios), join Patrick Strapazon, Celine Song, and the rest of the Wheel of Time writers room. The twins have also served as consultants on the His Dark Materials TV series.

Fans following along with #WoTWednesday might remember that last October, when Judkins was interviewing potential writers, he mentioned an anecdote about a pair of twins who shared the perfect moment ending their favorite book series:

The Daily Trolloc, which figured out the news ahead of Judkins’ announcement, found this quote from Michael from a 2015 Huffington Post UK interview, in which he describes his and Paul’s dynamic as storytellers:

I decided at a very young age that I wanted to be involved in storytelling. From as early as I can remember my identical twin brother Paul and I have been making up stories, characters and worlds. We were lucky enough to grow up with people who spurred on our imagination and allowed us the freedom to express ourselves creatively. We have spent a large part of our lives entertaining each other. When we were teenagers, we realised that this creativity could reach out of our little twin world and include others. People liked what we had to say, or would laugh at our silliness, or were moved by things we had created. An emotional response from friends, family and strangers on this level helped us see that we could, if we wanted, move towards a future where storytelling was all we did.

You can follow the writers individually at the linked Twitter accounts above, as well as the official Wheel of Time writers room account, which documents such shenanigans as color-coded towels and includes hints toward how they will adapt the series.


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