Han Solo is the Galaxy’s Goodest Dog

Some Star Wars theories make too much sense not to be true. Such as the very sensible idea that, to Chewbacca, Han is a badly behaved puppy.

You might have stumbled across this theory on Twitter about a year back, where Arthur Chu noticed that to a several-hundred-year-old alien, a human was as good as a pet:


The point about Obi-Wan negotiating with Chewie at the start of A New Hope is actually pretty solid:


“He just gets a little grumpy and then he lashes out? But we’ve been introducing him slowly to people, and I think it’s working out…”

The problem is, once you think about it hard enough, you can’t unsee it. This might be the only explanation for Han and Chewie’s friendship that really makes sense of the Wookiee’s devotion to his weird human buddy.

Think about it—can’t you just see Chewie looking to Malla (that’s his wife) after bringing Han back to Kashyyyk for a short vacation, and proudly going, “He can’t speak Shyriiwook, but he understands SO MANY WORDS! Look at ‘im! Who’s a smart boy!” He even pets him after Han is unfrozen at Jabba’s palace:

Han and Chewie, Return of the Jedi

And then he cuddles him.

This is also probably the reason why Chewie never cared about getting a medal following that Battle of Yavin. His good boy got one! It’s gonna go on his trophy shelf, along with the one he got for “piloting” the Falcon. (Look, Chewie just lets Han think he’s flying the ship. It makes him so happy, that’s all.)

This long-suffering but affectionate relationship really only makes sense when viewed through this prism. Chewie just spends this part of his life trying to stop his dog from barking at Leia and getting into trouble with galactic gangs.

It’s okay, lil buddy. I got you.


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