Jon Favreau’s Star Wars Series Will be The Mandalorian (And No, Not That One)

Jon Favreau’s long-discussed Star  Wars series finally has a name, and, presumably, a main character! The actor/director shared the name and a little bit of plot on Instagram on Wednesday night: it will be called The Mandalorian.

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Favreau shared a familiar yellow scrawl on his Instagram:

There have been no cast announcements yet, but The Mandalorian is set to air on Disney’s streaming service—which still doesn’t have a name?—where it will join shows like the proposed Loki and Scarlet Witch standalone series, along with all the huge tracts of film in the Disney/Marvel/Star Wars vaults.

So if this show isn’t following the adventures of the Fetts (and the trials and tribulations they face as they attempt to finance their vehicles) who is this mysterious Mandalorian? What new stories will unfold in the murky time after the fall of the Empire?

[via Variety!]


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