A Quick Peek at the First Episode Script for The Wheel of Time

Last week’s #WoTWednesday saw The Wheel of Time showrunner Rafe Judkins waxing broadly about how reincarnation would impact the television adaptation of Robert Jordan’s epic fantasy series. This week, Judkins gets a lot more specific, sharing an actual excerpt from the pilot script!

“For #wotwednesday this week,” Judkins tweeted, “I’ll do something scandalous and give you an actual snippet from the first script of one of those iconic scenes that simply must exist. Introducing THREE key characters ;)”

That would be Tam al’Thor, his son Rand—and, yep, Bela the shaggy brown mare. While there is no dialogue in the excerpt above, it certainly still sets the scene in ways that Rand’s inner monologue does in The Eye of the World. Maybe next time Judkins will give us a whole page.


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