This Harry Potter Crossover Fic Will Destroy You (In A Good Way)

Author Burgandi Rakoska snared our hearts today when we discovered this Tumblr post about post-school Harry Potter figuring out adult life after being a Chosen One. The unlikely friendship that he forms with a familiar older woman will undoubtedly bring a tear (or two) to the eye.

Prepare to have feelings:

Harry Potter/Narnia xover fic Burgandi Rakoska

Harry Potter/Narnia xover fic Burgandi Rakoska

Obviously fantasy enthusiasts and authors have long circled back on the raw deal bestowed upon Susan Pevensie at the end of the Narnia series, but there’s something particularly moving about Susan and a young Harry getting to bond over how they’re treated in their respective realms. The level of scrutiny that both of them faced as children is deeply painful to witness as readers. The thought that they could offer each other some measure of comfort in that connection is a little like balm on a wound.

Check out the rest of Rakoska’s Tumblr and take a peek at her fiction, too!


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