Listen to the Steal the Stars Prequel Episode “Deputy”!

Steal the Stars, Tor Labs and Gideon Media’s sci-fi/noir alien heist love story, premiered a year ago. For the audio drama’s one-year anniversary, Macmillan Podcasts and Tor Labs have a special treat for fans of the series: a new prequel episode, “Deputy.” Recorded at the Brooklyn Podcast Festival in 2017, “Deputy” was previously available only as a special feature on the Steal the Stars e-bundle.

“Deputy” takes place before the events of Steal the Stars and stars Ashlie Atkinson, Nat Cassidy, Rebecca Comtois, and Abe Goldfarb, and introducing Lori Parquet. In tweeting about the event last year, Steal the Stars writer Mac Rogers provided the perfect synopsis:

She’s the Security Chief of Quill Marine, a subsidiary of Sierra Solutions. A decorated veteran, respected by her colleagues. Her name?

Brianna Ford.

It’s her last day, and she’s just about to hand her position over to her Deputy, Dakota “Dak” Prentiss. Before the day is out, she has to convince Dak to pick someone other than Patty as her Deputy.

But 2 things are about to complicate Brianna’s last day as Security Chief of Quill Marine.

1) Lloyd’s got a pretty nutty and possibly quite dangerous experiment he wants to try.


2) Trip Haydon—TOTALLY unscheduled— just showed up at the front door.

Meanwhile, something alien in the basement of Quill Marine is getting ready to make a long-delayed escape attempt.

Will Brianna live to retirement?

Listen to “Deputy” below:

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