Eddie Brock Tries to Tame His Symbiote Buddy in New Venom Trailer

Look, it’s difficult to be a hard-hitting journalist with principles when you’re waylaid by a creature from outer space who takes over your body to murder people. Probably. One can only assume.

The second trailer for Venom gives us a better look at the symbiote’s personality at least, and a better idea of the tone the film is going for:

The film’s special effects department clearly threw all of their combined skills into making the symbiote’s interactions with Eddie Brock’s body look like nothing else in cinema. So the visuals might be worth the price of admission alone, but it remains to be seen if the film can pull off this grim’n’gritty-but-also-jokes format they’re leaning toward. The end sequence in the trailer is trying to let us know that the movie will still have a sense of humor, but just because there are jokes doesn’t mean that the film will succeed in being funny when it needs to be.

There’s also the trailer’s tagline, telling us that he world has enough superheroes, which would be a smart sentiment if antiheroes weren’t everywhere in the superhero genre. In the end, this film will live or die on whether or not people enjoy Brock and the symbiote’s dynamic, so there’s really no need to give much thought to other heroes.

Safe to say, it’s good that this particular Venom won’t be interacting with our current baby Spider-Man in the larger MCU. This Venom is a very different beast.


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