A Smuggler’s OTP: What is the Best Han Solo ’Ship?

You may know the podcast I work on, One True Pairing, but what you may not know is that I am a Star Wars devotee. Don’t get me started on this series. I’ve seen all the movies multiple times, including the the remastered versions which I have some OPINIONS on. I could get into my love of all of the (space)ships in the Star Wars franchise (because if you don’t want a TIE Interceptor then I literally don’t know what would ever make you happy) but that’s another post for another time.

So today, I’ll be talking about Han ’ships. My co-host Marissa and I covered Han and Leia in honor of the new movie, Solo: A Star Wars Story, on our last episode, but there’s only so much we can hit on in such a short time. And, because we are all about ’ships—any ships, really, up to and including space ships—I’ve expanded on that episode to include all of the best Han ’ships from the entire series.

Let’s get into it.



what is the best Han Solo OTP ship Han/Chewie

Will always and forever be one of my favorite ’ships. Han and Chewie are ride or die, bros before hoes legit friendship goals. It’s hard not to love this shaggy duo, whether they’re making the Kessel run in 12 parsecs, trying (and failing) to rescue Leia, or admitting finally that they’re heroes.



what is the best Han Solo OTP ship Han/Qi'ra Solo: A Star Wars Story

Full disclosure—I did not watch any of the Star Wars cartoon series, so I didn’t realize they have a larger backstory and that she’s an elite fighter (so the Easter egg in the film went right over my head, sigh). Going into this pairing cold left me… cold. I just couldn’t get invested in the two of them together at ALL. Didn’t help that they spent a goodly portion of the movie apart, but still. Qi’ra had more fire in her five minutes on screen with Lando than she did in all of the time she spent with Han. Total pass in my book.



what is the best Han Solo OTP ship Han/Leia

I know people have MANY feels about Han and Leia (there’s the love camp or the hate camp and I don’t know anyone who falls in the ‘meh’ camp). I personally think they’re a fucking amazing couple, mainly because of her. No matter how many times he negs her, mocks her royalty and/or her political standing, she is basically gang signs and zero f*cks about it, and it’s magical to watch. She’s the OG feminist. And even when they finally get together (unlike OTHER couples within this world), Leia is still kicking ass and taking names. This is also probably why I pass on Han/Qi’ra. Really, we should all just agree that Han and Chewie belong together and leave it at that.


Han/The Falcon

what is the best Han Solo OTP ship Han/Millennium Falcon you hear me baby hold together

I don’t care if it’s weird, but how do you NOT LOVE Han’s love of the Millennium Falcon? It’s not even a midlife crisis I’m-buying-a-Ferrari style love, it’s I BLED FOR THIS SHIP style love. I don’t think Han is capable of loving anything in his life the way he loves the Falcon, and she loves him right back. No matter what asteroid field he pushes her through, she stays together, and stays true. The only relationship that even remotely comes close is Malcolm Reynolds and Serenity, but again, another post for another time.



what is the best Han Solo OTP ship Han/Lando

No article about Han Solo ’ships is complete without a discussion of Han and Lando. Full disclosure—in my mind Han has NEVER been as cool as Lando. First things first you’ve got Billy Dee Williams as Lando in the original films and no one will EVER be as cool as BDW. Then in Solo you have Donald Glover. Who is Donald Glover. However, they are again a lovely example of bros before hoes, where their friendship triumphs over everything throw at them… except the Falcon. Now, to be fair, Lando DOES betray Han in a fairly egregious manner (who TF wants to be encased in carbonite?!) but he also works tirelessly to free his friend AND save the galaxy so I suppose he’s forgiven.


Who’s your favorite character to ’ship with Han? What’s your favorite overall ’ship in the Star Wars Universe? Feel free to leave a comment here with your thoughts and feels. For even more ships and silliness, go listen to the One True Pairing episode covering Star Wars on Apple or Stitcher (or just play it in your browser, below). Then, follow us on Twitter @OTP_Pod for even MORE shenanigans. Because for every “I love you” there’s an “I know” waiting to happen.

Erica Martirano loves dogs more than she loves people and is a voracious reader of all books, especially the dirtiest romances you can image. She’s an unapologetic nerd married to a man running for sainthood. When she’s not drinking wine, she’s putting the ASS in Senior Associate Marketing Director for St. Martin’s Press daily.


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