Brandon Sanderson Developing Multimedia Fantasy Project Dark One

FremantleMedia North America and Random House Studio are partnering with fantasy author Brandon Sanderson on a new multimedia project called Dark One. This fantasy drama, about a young man with visions of a fantasy world he is fated to destroy, will take place over an ambitious number of platforms including a dramatic television series, a graphic novel, a supplementary book series, and a podcast.

According to Deadline, Sanderson will develop the TV series, write the graphic novel for Vault Comics, and pen the multi-volume book series, the latter which will follow side characters introduced in the series. The aforementioned podcast will lay the groundwork for the series, exploring events and “incidents” prior to the start of the story. Here’s how Deadline describes the premise of Dark One:

Dark One will be a dramatic fantasy adventure spotlighting a young man who sees visions of strange and fantastical worlds, which he is told are just hallucinations. But this dark and deadly fantasy world that keeps coming to him is actually a real vision of another world—one where he has been prophesied to become a tyrant and destroy this land of interesting creatures, sporadic electrical currents and a darkening landscape.

“I’m used to painting a picture in words,” Sanderson said in the official announcement. “Dark One came to life when I freed myself to think of it as a project for actual visual media, with the setting, characters and outline all coming together. I’m excited to be able to partner with FremantleMedia North America and Random House Studio on this for television.”

From Dante Di Loreto, president of scripted entertainment at FremantleMedia North America: “Brandon Sanderson is a powerful storyteller and one of the world’s most admired fantasy writers. The narrative of Dark One will examine the dual roles we often take on in life—the ability to be a savior as well as a destroyer, and this innovative creative partnership with Brandon will serve as a catalyst for deepening the connection between him and his many fans.”

FremantleMedia’s other current projects include the second season of American Gods and the forthcoming adaptation of Gormenghast, helmed by Neil Gaiman and Akiva Goldsman. Sanderson’s new YA science fiction novel Skyward will be available this November. In the meantime, join the Oathbringer Reread!


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