The Journey Is Over: Revealing Vultures by Chuck Wendig

We’re excited to share the cover for Vultures, the heart-pounding conclusion to Chuck Wendig’s Miriam Black series. Check out the full cover below!

Chuck Wendig on concluding the series:

It’s over and I still don’t know how to feel. Writing the last Miriam Black story, Vultures, was like having all the stuffing ripped out of me and then shoved back inside before being crudely stitched shut once more. And that’s partly down to the subject matter, but also due to the fact that this series has been with me for a long, long time. It started my career as a novelist with Blackbirds and that book alone had been with me for five or more years before it ever landed on a bookshelf, and now it’s going to be seven years later with six books out and…

The journey is over. All things end. Which is cuckoo bananapants, but here we are. Miriam has long been able to see how other people’s stories end, but she’s never been able to see her own, and soon, we’ll all know what it is. (Though the question is: will she?) It ties together things that have been going on since the first book, and we’ll get the answer to a question that has long lingered: just who, or what, is The Trespasser? And what the hell does it want?

Obviously, it’s a pleasure to present the new (and final!) cover by Adam Doyle, which is so blisteringly, bloodily perfect I cannot contain my excitement.  Hopefully you’ll find the book matches the majesty of the cover it will wear.

Cover art by Adam Doyle; design by Michael McCartney

Vultures publishes January 2019 with Saga Press. From the catalog copy:

Still reeling from the events of The Raptor and the Wren, Miriam must confront two terrifying discoveries: the Trespasser now has the power to inhabit the living as well as the dead, and Miriam is pregnant.

Miriam knows her baby is fated to die, but Miriam is the Fatebreaker. And if the rules have changed for her nemesis, her own powers are changing as well. Miriam will do whatever it takes to break her curse and save her child. But as Miriam once again finds herself on the hunt for a serial killer and in need of an elusive physic, she can feel the threads of her past coming together—and the pattern they’re forming is deadly.

To end the Trespasser’s influence in her world, Miriam must face her demon a final time. And, this time, one of them must die.


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