Check Out This Stunning New Art for the Recluce Fantasy Saga

The first three books in L.E. Modesitt, Jr’s epic fantasy The Saga of Recluce are getting new covers. And they’re holding a BIG secret.

When you combine artist Marc Simonetti’s new artwork for the first three books in The Saga of Reluce: The Magic of Recluce, The Towers of the Sunset, and The Magic Engineers, you’ll see a dazzling, monumental vista of Modesitt’s world.

Here’s a larger version of the full Recluce series triptych to hang on your wall immediately:

Recluce triptych Marc Simonetti

Click to enlarge.

Roughly from left to right, the art depicts the forgotten White City Frven (formerly known as Fairhaven), the mountain Freyja, and the town of Diev, all of which are located on the chaotic continent of Candar, which itself neighbors the island of Recluce.

The new editions of The Saga of Recluce will be on shelves in October 2018. The three books lay out the central tenets of Modesitt’s Recluce series, presenting the ongoing battle for balance between chaos and order through the eyes of exile Lerris, though he is only one character over 19 books spanning nearly 2,000 years. Over the course of the series, other characters establish the physical and figurative boundaries of the Saga of Recluce—from founding the eponymous island to establishing the push-and-pull between white wizards and black mages.

Want to know more before jumping in? Check out this quick explainer on The Sage of Recluce!






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