Charles Stross’s Dark State (Audio Excerpt)

We’re excited to share an audio excerpt from Charles Stross’ Dark State, a sleek and provocative techno-thriller set in The Merchant Princes multi-verse. Dark State ups the ante on the already volatile situations laid out in Empire Games, as Stross dives deep into the underbelly of paratime espionage, nuclear warfare, and state surveillance.

Listen to Chapter 2 below, read by Kate Reading. (You can read Chapter 1 here.)


Dark State is available from Tor Books and Tor Books UK. From the catalog copy:

In the near-future, the collision of two nuclear superpowers across timelines, one in the midst of a technological revolution and the other a hyper-police state, is imminent. In Commissioner Miriam Burgeson’s timeline, her top level agents run a high risk extraction of a major political player. Meanwhile, a sleeper cell activated in Rita’s, the Commissioner’s adopted daughter and newly-minted spy, timeline threatens to unravel everything.

With a penchant for intricate world-building and an uncanny ability to realize alternate history and technological speculation, Stross’ writing will captivate any reader who’s a fan hi-tech thrillers, inter-dimensional political intrigue, and espionage.

You can find the audio edition on Audible or get the print and ebook edition at the links below!


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