Tor Teen Acquires “Coming of Age in Outer Space” Trilogy from Charlie Jane Anders

Hugo and Nebula Award-winning author and io9 co-founder Charlie Jane Anders mashed up technology and witchcraft in her debut novel All the Birds in the Sky. Now, in her latest project, she’ll be journeying into space and delving into the teenage psyche, in a new young adult science fiction trilogy recently acquired by Tor Teen.

“Now it can be told: I’m a YA author at last!” Anders tweeted. “I’ve always loved YA and I have been toiling in secret on this for ages.”

Tor Associate Publisher Patrick Nielsen Hayden described the series:

Charlie Jane Anders’ currently-untitled YA will be a trilogy of novels about a disaffected present-day teenager who discovers that everything she believes about herself is wrong—that she is not, in fact, human, or from Earth. That, in fact, she has a critical role to play in an interstellar drama involving many contending alien species and a long and complex history of politics, diplomacy and warfare among them. That she carries within herself the memories and abilities of a now-deceased warrior leader of her true species, deliberately implanted in her for safekeeping. It is a tale of the heart of adolescence: vast power and knowledge yoked to a vulnerable young consciousness that’s just now learning, in fits and starts and with repeated failures and setbacks, how to be a person.

“I’m still in awe of how much everyone at Tor embraced All the Birds in the Sky, my novel about terribly flawed misfits groping their way towards adulthood,” Anders said in the announcement. “Tor gave that book the kind of love that makes books soar, and I remain intensely grateful. So I couldn’t possibly imagine a better home for my new story about coming of age in outer space.”

The first volume is expected to be published in late 2019 or early 2020.

Six Months, Three Days, Five Others, a Tor mini hardcover collecting some of Anders’ short fiction, is available now. Tor will also publish The City in the Middle of the Night, the sequel to All the Birds in the Sky, in January 2019.


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