Watch the First Trailer for Stephen King’s Castle Rock Anthology Series

“You have no idea what’s happening here, do you?” Hulu has released the first full trailer for its Stephen King shared-universe series Castle Rock, filled with images both eerie (what’s in that room?) and familiar (Shawshank bumper sticker!). While much of the plot is still a mystery, the cast—including former Carrie Sissy Spacek and current Pennywise Bill Skarsgard, playing entirely different roles—revealed some intriguing details at NYCC.

Watch the trailer:

As the actors are currently halfway through filming, there was little they could actually say about the series without spoiling the plot. However, that doesn’t mean there weren’t some tantalizing details, starting with this tweet that makes a little more sense once you watch the trailer:

  • The show is aimed at both megafans as well as people who aren’t familiar with King’s body of work.
  • That said, there will be plenty of Easter eggs for fans.
  • And Shawshank Prison plays a big role in season 1! An unusual case taking place there will be the catalyst for some creepy stuff.
  • Did the cast do anything to bond before filming? Sissy Spacek: “We all saw our therapists.”
  • Spacek will play Ruth, the adoptive mother of André Holland’s death row attorney Henry. “There are extenuating circumstances having to do with his childhood that haunt Ruth,” she shared.
  • She also described her most memorable scene so far: “I was up to my elbows in trout guts, having a nice scene with my son.”
  • When asked if Carrie helped her prepare for the role: “I haven’t been able to shake that film off for 40 years.”
  • Speaking of actors who have appeared in multiple King properties, Bill Skarsgard got to delve deeper into the psychology of his non-Pennywise character for the show… but he’s not allowed to talk about who that is.
  • OK, he could say that he’s “dark, mysterious, and on the fringe.”
  • Cast members’ one-word teasers of the series: terrifying, delicious, twisted, mysterious, psychological, surprising.
  • And they ended on this note:

Castle Rock will premiere sometime in 2018.


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