Captain Georgiou Threatens Captain Lorca at the Star Trek: Discovery Panel If He Doesn’t Take Care of Her Michael

There were many surprises at the Star Trek: Discovery panel at New York Comic Con, but the most exciting one was the surprise appearance by Michelle Yeoh, who showed up as the very first “fan” in the question portion to surprise the cast. (Everyone on stage was teary and so happy to see her.)

But she also had some choice words for a certain starship captain.

Michelle Yeoh had everyone fooled when she showed up as a “fan” in a hat and giant funny sunglasses to ask the first question of the panel: “Are you bringing Captain Georgiou back?”

(The answer is yes, by the way, we will be seeing her again, presumably in more flashbacks.)

After much hugging and a big reunion on stage, Yeoh told the fans assembled that she had thoroughly enjoyed her time on the show, but that the most important bond she formed was with Sonequa Martin-Green (who plays the central character Michael Burnham). She then proceeded to lean forward and address Jason Isaacs, Burnham’s current superior on the series, Captain Lorca:

“So I’m telling you Captain Gabriel Lorca — if you don’t look after my baby girl, I’m going to kick your ass. And you know I can.”

Jason Isaacs was appropriately cowed by the comment, replying, “I would say I would like to see you try, but I really wouldn’t.”

Do not mess with Captain Georgiou’s Michael. She loves her Michael. She will fight you from beyond the grave if you wrong her.


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