Geek & Sundry Writer Turns Catsitting Instructions Into D&D Campaign

Greetings, intrepid adventurer! You have taken on a daunting quest: You venture willingly into the lair of cats in your comrade’s place while they are otherwise detained. But how do you ensure that you escape with no more than an angry scratch or two? And how do you tame the wild Meeple?!

Behold, your handy guide to catsitting, presented as a Dungeons & Dragons campaign—in case you thought that dogs were the only animals who got to have fun with D&D. Jessica Fisher, a writer for Geek and Sundry, tweeted out the comprehensive campaign she created for a friend watching her beloved fur babies.

Accompanied by adorable art (by Tahra, a.k.a. Kyoung Hwan Kim) of a party of felines, it includes such gems as:

  • making the kitten (MEEPLE) the monster “since he is new and the other cats are not fans of him yet”
  • also he goes “Bugnuts crazy fast,” see below:
D&D catsitting Jessica Fisher

Credit: Jessica Fisher

  • “you can summon a celestial veterinarian of challenge rating 4 or lower”
  • emergency phone numbers as summoning spells

You can read the entire PDF here and take some notes for your next catsitting adventure!


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