Sam Sykes and Chuck Wendig Just Wrote Horror Movie Gold on Twitter

It started late last night (as all good horror tales do) with a simple request: Sam Sykes tweeted yo, can you help me out at Chuck Wendig. The other author’s response—hey what do you need—made us briefly think we were about to witness a postmodern text conversation posted in public for a combined 90K followers, but then it escalated:

I don’t know if I told you but I recently became a camp counselor

that’s cool

it was going super well but there’s some kind of crazed serial killer roaming the grounds right now

And instead what unfolded was a delightful Twitter thread cheekily riffing on horror tropes from the point of view of (spoiler) the guy who’s prooobably the killer but also the protagonist.

An emotional roller coaster not just for the guy standing around with a machete in one hand and, apparently, his phone in the other, this mini-story is a great example of “weird Twitter”: an irreverent, rambling joke with multiple punchlines. A key sample:

Sam Sykes Chuck Wendig horror movie thread Twitter

Read the whole thing and steer clear of any masked camp counselors.


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