Watch the New Star Trek: Discovery Trailer!

CBS debuted a new trailer for Star Trek: Discovery at San Diego Comic-Con, along with plenty of intel on the new crew and the series’ place in canon!

Highlights from the panel:

  • “We are all huge fans of the original series and obviously we want to be accurate,” producer Alex Kurtzman said. “We are within canon.” He added that “it’s a little bit larger than the original series in terms of scope and scale, but we are very consistent with our origins.”
  • Though he did later add that the producers were aware of Michael Burnham, Spock’s adoptive half-sister, having no mention in canon. He and star Sonequa Martin-Green clarified some of the character’s backstory: She was raised on Vulcan by her surrogate father, Sarek, and human mother, Amanda. “We’re aware,” he said. “You’ll see where it’s going, but we are staying consistent with canon.”
  • Jason Isaacs said that his character, Lorca, is probably different from other Trek captains in that “he’s probably more fucked up.” Lorca has a lot of sharp edges, he added, saying that he was trying not to look or sound like previous captains.
  • Showrunner Gretchen J. Berg spoke to expanding the culture of the Klingons so that they aren’t “the thugs of the universe”—one key way being the decision to have them speak Klingon with English subtitles.
  • Fargo’s Jeff Russo will score the series.
  • Co-executive producer Heather Kadin spoke to the significance of having a story that continues from episode to episode, following the characters’ emotional journeys over the course of the 15-episode season—setting it apart from other Trek series.
  • Anthony Rapp, whose character Lt. Stamets is gay, shared some exciting news: Wilson Cruz will play his love interest and partner in the series. Cruz, who played Rickie Vasquez on My So-Called Life, also has a Rent connection; he took on the role of Angel during the show’s first tour in 1997. Cruz’s character, Dr. Culber, is medical officer on Discovery.
  • Regarding the backlash to casting decisions, Martin-Green put it perfectly: “Star Trek has always been pictorial of diversity and universality and unity. If you say you love the legacy of Star Trek but you don’t love that, then you’ve missed it. I encourage you to come on the journey with us.”

And here’s a rad poster:

Star Trek: Discovery poster

Star Trek: Discovery will premiere on CBS All Access on September 24.


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