It’s Happily Never After in The 100 Season 5 Teaser

It’s only fair that I warn you that The 100 sizzle reel that Warner Bros. Television showed at San Diego Comic-Con shows very little of the upcoming fifth season, as it’s mostly a recap of the first four. However, how they go about it is interesting, as everything from Mount Weather to the City of Light is retold through the eyes of Madi, Clarke’s little protégé slash daughter, treating the post-apocalyptic series as a dark and twisted fairytale.

It’s fitting, as @InsideThe100 reported that “these are Madi’s heroes” and Clarke has told the young Nightblood about her friends to the point that they’ve become legends.

Watch the sizzle reel for yourself:

There were also a number of tidbits from the panel itself, which we’ve rounded up via the fans and professionals tweeting the panel:

Here’s the big—and kinda spoilery if you avoid those sorts of things—detail, about just who is in that prison ship Clarke glimpsed in the season 4 finale:

The cast and crew might use the six-year time jump as an opportunity to shake things up in terms of the characters’ appearances:

Especially Octavia, who might get an entirely new hairstyle…

Of course, what we really want to know is how the show’s various ’ships will survive the six years:

Likely this reporter is referring to Madi, but I for one hope there is at least one surprise baby.

At any rate, there will be context for all of the changes in the form of (season 1 callback) plenty of flashbacks:

The 100 season 5 will premiere sometime in early 2018.


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