Medusa Beats Up Ramsay Bolton with Her Hair in New Inhumans Trailer

Following the San Diego Comic-Con panel for Marvel Television’s Inhumans, IMAX tweeted out a new trailer featuring the Moon-bound superpowered creatures. Whereas the first trailer established that the Inhumans orbited Earth, unable to reveal themselves to humans, this latest teaser shows them in action.

While Maximus (Iwan Rheon, a.k.a. Game of Thrones’ Ramsay Bolton) schemes to usurp his brother’s throne and then move on to Earth, viewers discover why the rest of the royal family are reticent to show off their powers. Blackbolt (Anson Mount), king of the Inhumans, doesn’t speak—because even a grunt can send cars flying, as he discovers after his trusty dog Lockjaw teleports them to Earth. Blackbolt’s wife Medusa translates her husband’s signs, though according to the panel, she sometimes throws in her own opinion. And then there’s her hair, which… well, it’s completely ridiculous while also kinda great.

Blackbolt is wary to expose the Inhumans’ existence to earthlings… only for the trailer to reveal that Inhumans are already being hunted on the ground.

Attendees got to see some of the opening sequence as well as the new trailer, the latter which you can watch below:

And here’s the original trailer:

The first two episodes of Inhumans (season 1 is 8 episodes) will premiere on IMAX screens September 1, then air on ABC on September 29.


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