You Don’t Know It Yet, But You’re Reading a Hilarious Sci-Fi Short Story

For those wanting more funny sci-fi, writer Jon Bois has delivered.

Although it’s not obvious at first that this multimedia short story is, in fact, science fiction. Or even a story.

“17776”, currently unspooling over on SBNation, promises rumination on what the sport of football will look like in the future–and it eventually does that–but first the reader has to take a journey through a different, and very sci-fi, aspect of the future. Who is this person talking over a span of months? Are they texting? Why do I have to keep scrolling through this calendar? Why the sudden profession of love?

The tension the reader feels before receiving an answer is…surprisingly heartbreaking. Luckily, that’s lessened by a gleeful bouncing immaturity that you wouldn’t expect from…well, you’ll see.

(Also, definitely play the video near the end of Chapter 1. It features the main character remembering the history of the future and features a line-up of 21st century U.S. presidents that is so close to realistic it actually becomes absurd.)

Once you’ve figured out who the main characters are, dive into this bit of history regarding them. (Spoilers for the story, obviously.) We haven’t yet done the math, but we wouldn’t be surprised if, given the year the story takes place in, the figures in the story are correct!


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