Myke Cole’s Shadow Ops to Become Board Game with Shadow Ops: Reawakening

Myke Cole’s Shadow Ops novels are coming to gaming tables! Nocturnal Media will team up with the military fantasy author to create a miniature-based strategy board game! Shadow Ops: Reawakening will be playable by 2 or more people, who will be able to play as soldiers or sorcerers. The squads will use a combination of military hardware and magical gifts to battle across a constantly changing game board, with three core factions: the elite Supernatural Operations Corps, the magical Goblin tribes, or the chaotic Selfers, who reject the government and go on the run.

The game’s premise, taken from the novels, is a tense blend of military tactics and fantasy. When a magical “Great Reawakening” spreads across the country, people everywhere begin “coming up Latent”—suddenly realizing that they have the power to control fire or raise the dead. In the midst of the ensuing chaos, the US created the Supernatural Operation Corps (SOC), a team of Sorcerers trained to neutralize any magical threats. Those who refuse their authority, the Selfers, must go underground or be hunted mercilessly. But the Reawakening also brought with it knowledge of the Source, the Goblin realm from which all magic flows.

Players will choose which faction to join, and then enter into a battle for Magic itself.

Cole, an avid gamer who came to his love of fantasy through Dungeons & Dragons, is particularly excited about the direction his stories have taken:

All my life, I have dreamed of getting to design my own game. To have a chance to do that in the universe of my novels goes beyond that dream, and to get to work with the guy who created Vampire: The Masquerade and publishes Pendragon just about caused my brain to short circuit.

Many Shadow Ops fans have told me, “your books read like a wargame.” I’ve always taken it as a compliment. It’s by design, and I’m beyond psyched to be bringing it to you all.

Shadow Ops: Reawakening will be coming to gaming table soon! In the meantime, you can learn more details about the game over at Nocturnal’s website!


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