Revealing The Cocktail Guide to the Galaxy

We’re excited to share the cover for The Cocktail Guide to the Galaxy! Author Andy Heidel has put together a variety of boozey recipes perfect for your next Star Wars-themed luau or a quiet night in with Game of Thrones. And Heidel knows a thing or two about nerdy cocktails—he’s the owner of The Way Station, a Doctor Who-themed bar located in New York City. Check out the full cover below!



Cover design by Rob Grom

Heidel had this to say about the cover design:

“I was so excited to see the cover. It invokes The Jetsons, 50’s scifi pulp, the rocket age and most importantly a tiny TARDIS. I didn’t notice that easter egg until I enlarged the art and to my joy discovered a roll of toilet paper on top of the Blue Box, a little homage to The Way Station where the TARDIS doubles as the loo.”

The Cocktail Guide to the Galaxy is available September 26th from St. Martin’s Press. From the catalog copy:

For the first time ever comes a book that unites two of the best things in the world: nerd culture, and booze. Because if anything is true, it’s that nerds are awesome, and many of us like to throw back an adult beverage or two while re-watching Firefly for the seventeenth time.

The Cocktail Guide to the Galaxy has something for all fans, from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. to X-Men. With over a hundred delicious and easy-to-make recipes, this is the go-to book for anyone who loves nerdy pop culture—and drinking. All of the cocktails are created and field tested by the owner of The Way Station, everyone’s favorite Doctor Who themed bar, so you can be assured that these drinks will quench whatever thirst you’ve got.

Cocktails include: the George R. R. Martini; the Mai Tai Fighter; Blade Rummer; the Felicia Laundry Day; the Flux Incapacitator; Close Encounters of the Third Lime; Cognac the Barbarian; the Sonic Screwdriver; Beer is the Mind Killer; the Shirley Temple of Doom; the Well Wheaton; Klingon Bloodwine; and The Vermouth is Out There.


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