See Bryan Cranston as Zordon in the New Power Rangers Trailer

In probably the most bonkers casting choice (yes, more than Elizabeth Banks as Rita Repulsa), Bryan Cranston goes from being the one who knocks to the one who recruits teenagers with attitude in the upcoming Power Rangers reboot. We’ve already met the misfits who will gain super-strength and morphing powers; now, the latest trailer reveals Rita and Zordon himself.

It being a reboot, Zordon isn’t the glowing-head-in-a-column we remember from the ’90s Saturday morning series. This version more resembles that childhood toy, the name of which I’m blanking on, with the blunt nails that makes an impression of whatever you push through it. Also, it is supremely weird to hear his voice telling the Rangers all about the legacy they’ve unwittingly inherited.

There’s plenty more in this trailer: a way snarkier (and much creepier-looking) Alpha 5, Rita stalking the streets of Angel Grove, and a groan-worthy moment where one of the Power Rangers tells the others to “go, go!” Though they’ve traded out the amazingly cheesy theme song for some Kanye; fingers crossed for a proper remix in the movie itself. Watch the trailer:

It’s morphin’ time on March 24, when Power Rangers comes to theaters.


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