Horatio Hornblower in Space: Revealing the Cover for Richard Baker’s Valiant Dust

Horatio Hornblower and Honor Harrington fans will find a new hero in Sikander North! We’re pleased to share the cover for Valiant Dust, the first entry in a new military SF series from Richard Baker, with elements of colonial diplomacy and explosive action. Check out the full cover by artist Larry Rostant below.


Author Richard Baker on the series and Rostant’s cover art:

“Imagine the themes and conflicts of the Age of Imperialism played out across a thousand light-years: battleships armed with rail guns and torpedoes, star empires fighting over colony worlds . . . that’s the universe Sikander North steps out of. I’m tremendously excited to be able to tell these stories, and I love this first look at a character I hope to spend a lot of time with! Larry Rostant captured Sikander just like I imagined him.”

Editor Jen Gunnels adds:

I am excited to work on such a different kind of military sf novel. The action keeps you riveted, but underneath that are some complex and wonderful characters trying to get answers to some difficult questions. I love that there’s the Great Powers analog that allowed Rich to mix the action and the diplomacy. It’s Horatio Hornblower in space.

Valiant Dust publishes November 2017 with Tor Books. From the catalog copy:

Sikander Singh North has always had it easy—until he joined the crew of the Aquilan Commonwealth starship CSS Hector. As the ship’s new gunnery officer and only Kashmiri, he must constantly prove himself better than his Aquilan crewmates, even if he has to use his fists. When the Hector is called to help with a planetary uprising, he’ll have to earn his unit’s respect, find who’s arming the rebels, and deal with the headstrong daughter of the colonial ruler—all while dodging bullets.

Sikander’s military career is off to an explosive start—but only if he and CSS Hector can survive his first mission.


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