The Wild Cards Have a New Home on the Web!

George R.R. Martin took to his Not a Blog to announce some great news: Wild Cards has a new website! The new online home includes sample stories, character biographies, author Q&As, games, and a blog. Martin says “There’s tons of content there, and we hope to be adding more regularly. Head on over and explore, and mark it down as a place to visit regularly. And of course we’d love to hear your thoughts. What do you think of the place, and what would you like to see us add in the future?”

For those new to the game, Wild Cards is a series of shared universe anthologies featuring science fiction superheroes. The series is primarily set in an alternate history version of the United States, in which some humans have contracted the alien “Wild Card virus,” which causes mutations ranging from utter incapacitating physical conditions (Jokers) to superpowers (Aces).

The series began when Martin acted as gamemaster for a long-running campaign of an RPG called Superworld. He and some of his fellow players enjoyed he world of the game so much they decided to develop it into a series of short stories, and the first book, Wild Cards, was released in January 1987. Twenty-three books have been published in the series as of August, 2016, and a future triad of books is being written for release through Tor Books.

Head on over to Wild Cards World to check out the new content!

[via Not a Blog]


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