Now You Can Watch Game of Thrones Through…Skyrim?

The role-playing video game Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is a vast open world with secrets under every stone, dragons behind every cloud, and intrigue behind every face, so it makes sense that playing it puts one in the mood for Game of Thrones.

Game modder and vlogger UpIsNotJump has now taken that connection to an impressive length, re-crafting the game itself so that it features the characters from Game of Thrones. Not only that, UpIsNotJump has made a trailer for Game of Thrones season 1…as seen in the fantasy game of Skyrim!

According to GameRant, UpIsNotJump had to make extensive use of Skyrim’s own character-crafting tool along with 260 (!!) different programs designed to modify and re-design the game, including one that built The Wall into Skyrim. (The game itself has no equivalent, although it does have massive, massive mountains.)

The famously corrupt city of Riften (also headquarters to the Thieves Guild) stands in for King’s Landing, with Whiterun standing in for Winterfell, and parts of Windhelm and various fortresses standing in for Castle Black. While a lot of the settings look like they do in the game (with tweaks), the Dothraki Sea required an entirely new design, as the settings in the game of Skyrim are entirely without sand, beaches, and desert.

A thought: A Skyrim full of White Walkers would be…incredibly scary.



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