Superheroes Are Real in the First Clip from the Doctor Who Christmas Special

Who’s that knocking at the hundredth-floor window with the force of four nuclear blasts? Why, it’s the Ghost!

“He’s real!” an awestruck reporter breathes, a line which in a Christmas special you would expect to be saved for Santa Claus. But considering that Doctor Who already investigated the veracity of Old Saint Nick two specials ago, now they’ve turned their focus to that other impossible figure: superheroes.

As io9 points out, the first sneak peek from “The Return of Doctor Mysterio” has a James Bond vibe—especially with Peter Capaldi’s Twelve supplying “Special Agent Dan Dangerous from Scotland Yard—the Doctor, for short” as his secret identity. Watch for yourself:

“The Return of Doctor Mysterio” airs on both BBC One and BBC America on Christmas Day. Learn more about the special here!


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