A Long Lost Character is Returning to Game of Thrones Next Season!

Io9 is reporting that a long-lost, much-missed Game of Thrones character is returning to the show next year! Click through for more information, but be warned, everything beyond this point is a spoiler.

Io9 has found news of the upcoming Game of Thrones season on the Spanish site Los Siete Reinos! Apparently, scenes are being shot near Dragonstone (which used to be Stannis Baratheon’s headquarters) that feature Tyrion Lannister, Davos Seaworth, and… Gendry?

In case you’ve forgotten, Gendry was one of Robert Baratheon’s illegitimate sons, who escaped being murdered by taking to the sea. The last we saw, he rowing forlornly into the horizon, and, seemingly out of the show, as he hasn’t been seen since the third season.

Gendry rowing

So, has he come back of his own volition? Is he working with Tyrion? Providing strategic rowboat knowledge to Daenarys? Or is Tyrion going to do something terrible to him? We’ll find out next year!

[via io9]



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