The Compact Teen Wolf: Get Caught Up Before the Final Season

It’s time once again to talk about Teen Wolf, because the final season approaches! In about a month (November 15th, to be precise), we start our last adventure with my current favorite team of supernaturally gifted teenagers and their bewildered parents. As announced at San Diego ComicCon, Season 6 will end the show, and on their 100th episode no less. Other Tor writers have told you before, and eloquently as hell, why you should be watching. But in case you still need some persuading, I have a few questions for you:

  • Does the way Sherlock and Watson navigate the complexities of their friendship in Elementary speaks to you on a deep level?
  • Were the Scooby episodes of Buffy your favorite?
  • Are Jasper and Monty your platonic OTP?
  • Does the fact that “friendship is magic” seems to be the defining message of both Guardians of the Galaxy and Star Trek: Beyond fills you with unholy glee?
  • Do you enjoy a good screamfest?
  • Is occasional subpar CGI not a dealbreaker?

If you answered “Yes” to any/all of the above, you should be watching Teen Wolf. The plot reaches regular heights (as well as depths) but regardless of what Big Bad is driving the action, the characters are everything. Their relationships are believable; they are compelling; and if you give them half a chance, they will warm the cockles of your cold dead heart.

But Jenn, you say! It’s less than a month to the next season, how could I possibly get caught up? Not to worry. If you are an expert binge-watcher, go ahead and watch Seasons 2, 3, and 5 (we shall not speak of 4). Then come back and talk to me about Stidia vs. Stilia—I am HERE FOR YOU.

For those of you with less time available, I have put together an episode guide that will get you up to speed in no time! Here’s a selection of episodes that will get you the broad strokes for the plot so far:


Season 1


Episode 1: “Wolf Moon”
Meet your new favorite town, Beacon Hills, where everyone acts inexplicably 90% of the time and it’s kind of adorable? Except for when it’s creepy. (Which it frequently is.)

Episode 6: “Heart Monitor”
In which we get a training montage, besties in action, and A+ gross horror.

Episode 11: “Formality”
You will see.

Episode 12: “Code Breaker”
Now you will understand why I cross-stitched “I’m the alpha now!” for one of my best friends.


Season 2


Episode 2: “Shape Shifted”
Things are happening and everything might be terrible (again).

Episode 6: “Frenemy”
In which we are reminded Teen Wolf is really not afraid of celebrating the male body.

Episode 9: “Party Guessed”
Everything is even more bananapants, if you can believe it.

Episode 12: “Master Plan”
The true evil is revealed (for this season, anyway).


Season 3


Season 3 is great AND an extended season and you should eventually watch the whole thing, but for now proceed straight to the bits below:

Episode 13: “Anchors”
The nemeton is a giant supernatural tree stump and I promise that’s all you really need to know. Also this is one of the best cold opens I’ve had the pleasure to watch.

Episode 16: “Illuminated”
Blacklight party! Also, demons.

Episode 20: “Echo House”
Welcome to Eichen House, also known as House of All Your Nightmares From Now Until Forever.

Episode 21: “The Fox and the Wolf”
I mostly hate historical flashbacks, but sometimes they’re worth it.

Episode 23: “Insatiable”
MY BABIES. My supernatural babies!

Episode 24: “The Divine Move”
Now that’s what I call a finale.


Season 5


Season 5 (remember, there is no 4) has some great moments and some truly terrible moments (the team really has not learned their lesson about CGI). It’s also difficult to chop up because: (a) it’s an extended season, (b) there are multiple timelines involved and (c) it is … complicated. But I did my best!

Episode 1: “Creatures of the Night”
Lydia always gets the worst shower scenes, I do not know what to tell you. On the bright side, X-Files AND Wild Hunt AND Hellboy reference points!

Episode 4: “Condition Terminal”
If you have dental phobias, BEWARE. Am I deliberately picking all the dance-party episodes, you ask? Let’s just say I’m not NOT doing that. (Then watch the first 10 minutes of Episode 5, or the whole thing if you’ve got the time!)

Episode 10: “Status Asthmaticus”
In which many people are not their best selves.

Episode 11: “The Last Chimera”
This business is. Messed. Up. (As is the CGI—gird yourself.)

Episode 14: “The Sword and the Spirit”
Nothing good ever comes from a sewer sequence.

Episode 19: “The Beast of Beacon Hills”
REVEALS! So many reveals.

Episode 20: “Apotheosis”


You made it! Internet fist-bump. And now you’re ready for the wonders and inevitable horrors that Season 6 will bring us. See you back here on November 16, for a premiere review and some wild speculation about what we might expect in this final season of Supernatural Teen Squad Extraordinaire Teen Wolf.

Jenn Northington is still waiting for her magical powers to manifest, is the Director of Events and Programming for Riot New Media, and comes from a long line of nerds.


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