The First Trailer for Power Rangers is Basically a Sci-Fi The Breakfast Club

Dear Angel Grove, we accept the fact that we had to sacrifice a whole Saturday in detention for whatever it was we did wrong. But we think you’re crazy to make us write an essay telling you who we think we are. You see us as you want to see us—in the simplest terms, in the most convenient definitions. But what we found out is that each one of us is a freak… and a screwup… and a guy who gets bullied… and a girl who gets bullied… and a tech whiz…

Does that answer your question? Sincerely yours, the Power Rangers Club.

Zordon’s “teenagers with attitude” have been replaced by misfits with even more attitude and bigger chips on their shoulders in the first teaser trailer for Power Rangers, which was released during NYCC.

Instead of being freinds before they were called by Zordon, the new Power Rangers are a bunch of “weirdos and criminals” brought together by detention, for a variety of reasons—some their fault, some not. But when they can’t resist exploring a restricted site where a mysterious object has crash-landed, they discover odd alien artifacts that give them inexplicable super-strength and super-jumping and super-karate…

Oh, and a surprise guest from space, who has killed Rangers before and won’t hesitate to do it again.

Also, the morphing experience is much creepier than it was in the ’90s.

Power Rangers comes to theaters March 2017.


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