The Future is Bright in the First Trailer for Black Mirror Season 3

This is fun. This is just a game. This is Black Mirror season 3—Charlie Brooker’s anthology series of cautionary tales about how human nature ruins every technological advancement that human brains devise. Since its premiere in 2011, the futuristic scenarios depicted in each standalone episode creep closer and closer to our present. Or, as Kelly Macdonald’s character snipes in one episode of the upcoming new season, “I didn’t expect to find myself living in the future, but here I f–king well am.”

Now, we’re one step closer to the future of October 21, when Netflix premieres six new episodes. The streaming service dropped the first trailer this week… and yep, it is just as creepy as the episodes that came before.

What’s interesting is how the delivery system for the new episodes feels different. I, like many others, got into Black Mirror years ago through friends’ recommendations, or through hearing about one particular episode (like the one with the pig, or the one with the recorded memories). Now, it feels like more of a package deal, despite the six episodes covering vastly different topics: social media lives so fabricated that they’re false glosses over our actual lives; a soldier struggling with his first kill versus a happy-go-lucky gamer immersing himself in a dangerous game; a teen stalked through his laptop camera; a land where we don’t know much time there is.

Watch the trailer:

All six episodes of Black Mirror season 3 drop on Netflix on Friday, October 21.

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