The Tick has Survived to Bring Us Mighty Blue Justice in a Whole Season on Amazon!

Are you prepared for an entire season of The Tick? After premiering pilots for The Tick, I Love Dick, and Jean-Claude Van Johnson, Amazon has decided to order a full series of all three shows! (But I’m mostly interested in the one that has fictional superheroes in it. Sorry, JCVD.) Peter Serafinowicz will play our mighty blue hero, Griffin Newman will be a new, even more neurotic Arthur, and Tick creator Ben Edlund will return as writer and producer.

I reviewed the pilot here, and while I found the idea of a “gritty” Tick reboot unsettling, I came around to it over the course of the show. The latest take on Arthur transforms him from a well-meaning but schlubby sidekick, into a traumatized conspiracy theorist (Whose theory is almost certainly correct) and while on paper I know that sounds terrible, it really worked for me. I also like the darker superheroic world that creator Ben Edlund seems to be developing, and I can’t wait to see which of his classic characters make it in to this new iteration.

We’ll let you know when the full series premiers on Amazon Prime; in the meantime you can watch the pilot here!

[via io9!]


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